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Is Peak Performance Your Goal?

The Alexander technique is a proven favorite among performers and public speakers. In fact, F.M. Alexander himself was a performer.

Sting, James Galway and, and Paul McCartney are just a few of the famous names who are proponents of The Technique.​

Among Thom’s list of performer students is Zak Berkman who works for the Epic Theatre Ensemble. In 2001 his specialist suggested that his scoliosis was so bad, he should consider surgery. Zak was referred to Thom and the pain disappeared. Read Zak’s story on the Testimonials Page.

Lisa Murphy, a former anchor for Bloomberg TV, had slight scoliosis and was suffering from back spasms. After working with Thom, she was almost pain free and noticed significant improvements in breath control, voice quality and posture. Read Lisa’s story.

As a performer being aware of your body is paramount. Every move you make says something to the audience.

As performers learn more of the Alexander Technique, and improve their mind-body connection, they can become aware of how to release tension –or add it if necessary for the part! They also become more aware of how they move and how to convey feeling, a mood, or a state of mind through the movement of their body. In addition, they learn how to use their bodies in more healthy ways so as to avoid injury and pain.

Musicians and the Alexander Technique

Observe the bowing arm of a violin player. Or the wrists of a piano player. Or the upper back and shoulders of a guitar player. Musicians run a relatively high risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) but the Alexander Technique is an extremely effective way to counter that propensity. Through the Alexander Technique, musicians can build strength, healthy body position habits, and steer clear of pain.

If you are a musician or performer of any variety, Thom can provide you with the knowledge you need to work at your peak. Find relief from pain. Improve your performance. Learn how to better express and emote through your body by using the Alexander Technique.

Find the relief you’re looking for.

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