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Good News for Post-Operative Patients

After experiencing the discomfort of surgery, one might expect to find freedom and ease after recovery. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Most people overcompensate by using different musculature after surgeries as they attempt to avoid causing pain in the area of the surgery. That is normal and to be expected. But very few people ever really go back to using the affected part of their body at the same level as they did before the surgery. This is a conditioned response, and a circumstance wherein the Alexander Technique is extremely effective.

The Alexander Technique approaches this sort of challenge from a different vantage point than your surgeon. The goal is to increase mind / body awareness thus helping you learn how to feel tension as it arrises, identify it correctly and release it.

The reality is, everyone (post-operative or not) gets stuck in some for of misuse of our bodies. And for most people this misuse is unconscious. And once we are finally aware of it, it has taken the better of us. We are in pain. We feel tightness, soreness, aches and cramps. For example, maybe whenever you run an errand, no matter how much time you have, you do it at break neck speed. You walk quickly, you speak quickly, your body is saying “forward, forward, forward”. This is the soft of behavior that causes compression and strain on the body. We should all be moving toward the goal of elongation, expansion, and ease.

Post-Operative Pain Management

Generally speaking, post operative students of the Alexander Technique are given very similar lessons to non-post ops, but post operatives have an elevated risk of holding and tensing due to surgery. Of course, exceptions are made to be sensitive to parts of the body effected by surgery.

Once you let Thom know what parts of the body are particularly sensitive, he can subsequently identify any secondary points of strain as a result of the surgery. By finding balance and bringing awareness to these areas, the student begins to create healthy habits, learn the proper alignment of the body, and find their equilibrium. This phenomenon, in the end, holds life-long and more immediate benefits for post operative students which helps them heal both long and short term.

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