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Big Benefits for Equestrians

Thom Lemens has many years of experience and success working with equestrians, both on and off the horse. Benefits can include:​

• Enhanced balance

• Increased awareness of the rider’s head-spine relationship

• Improved connection between rider’s carriage and the carriage and behavior of the horse

• Enriched communication between horse and rider

Thom has helped many equestrians with their performance including Ronald Postleb, a rider and instructor from Crown Dressage International. Ron suffered a slipped disc that partially paralyzed his foot and made it impossible to ride or train dressage horses. After years of pain, he was introduced to Thom and the Alexander Technique. Over the course of a few months, Ronald’s pain was eliminated completely.

The Alexander Technique not only helps you as the rider but also your connection to your horse. One of the main principles of the Alexander Technique is the mind-body connection. There are a myriad of movements riders make that they we are unaware of. Perhaps the rider leans too far forward in the saddle. Perhaps her/his legs are too rigid. Perhaps when the rider gives the horse aids, it is done in a tense manner. A rider’s horse is acutely aware of how a rider uses their body.

Accordingly, as a rider begins to learn the Alexander Technique, they will also begin to become aware of their own muscle tension and alignment. Thus the rider becomes more aware of the inadvertent signals that they may be sending. Connection with the horse is a consequence of a stronger mind-body connection within the rider.

Back Relief and Riding

Thom has had much additional success treating riders who are looking for relief from back pain.

Catherine McWilliams worked with Thom to resolve pain issues from two serious injuries. It resulted in a deeper and quieter seat on her dressage horses and helped make dramatic improvements with her riding students.

Lisa Murphy, a former anchor for Bloomberg TV, was suffering from back spasms. As a result of seeing Thom, her balance and presence are better on horseback.

Working with equestrians is one of Thom's specialties. He understands the sport intimately being an avid rider himself. If you are interested in learning the Alexander Technique, you will receive lessons both in Thom’s office and also, if you desire, in the arena on your horse — a venue with Thom is very much at home.

Find the relief you’re looking for.

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