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Alexander Technique for Computer Users

Computer users are highly prone to creating poor alignment habits.

The amount of time the average human spends in front of a screen is growing exponentially. Time spent at the computer is, for the most part, not time spent creating healthy alignment habits.

Repetitive motion syndrome, carpal tunnel as well as aching backs, heads and wrists can all be allievated by using the Alexander Technique.

Computer Ergonomics are Only Part of the Problem

Even if you properly arrange your work station with a correctly positioned monitor and keyboard, most computer users sit in one place for hours on end. This is a recipe for creating unhealthy habits.

Amy, a heavy computer user, came to Thom after years of excessive time working at the computer. Even though she has an expensive chair and a work station approved by an ergonomic expert, she still suffered from pain and exhaustion in front of the screen.

After seeing Thom for just a few sessions, Amy started seeing real changes in her body. She tended to lean on her hand that used the computer mouse. She also tended to close up through her chest and hunch over and slouch. Learning the Alexander Technique from Thom helped her to understand the correct alignment of the head, neck and spine, markedly improving her sitting posture and resulting in less fatigue and pain at the end of the day.

In addition to the classic stool and table work, Thom may have computer users sit at a desk as they do everyday to help reinforce the lessons. As you continue to learn and study, proper alignment will become unconscious. Your mind body connection will improve and you will become more aware of your body and the amount of energy you put into your daily work. Most people exert more energy than they need to in order to accomplish a task resulting in excess tension, discomfort, or pain.

The Alexander Technique can help stressed out, tension ridden computer users tremendously. Consider most people will cumulatively spend years of their lives in front of a computer. That sort of time ought to be spent in as much ease and comfort as possible.

Find the relief you’re looking for.

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