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Is Driving... Driving Your Spine Wild?

If you drive a lot,

you know the soreness, cramps, and stiffness that most drivers complain about.

Drivers spend hours at a time behind the wheel of a car or truck. And even if you don’t spend that much time behind the wheel, driving can be a real pain. Literally.

Driving is fraught with various types of probable stresses. In addition to sitting in one spot for long periods of time, drivers have to be keenly aware of what is going on in confusing environments. They also have to deal with weather, other drivers on the road, and sometimes noise and distraction from within the car. This provides a myriad of opportunities for drivers to tighten their muscles, breath shallowly, and generally stress out. And most drivers feel they have no control over these reactions.

For many people, just sitting in the driver’s seat is enough to make them clench their jaw and tighten their neck. Evidence of learned conditioning. In these sorts of situations, the Alexander Technique can be particularly helpful.

Back Pain When Driving

Lumbar back supports, massage pads, specialized back and seat cushions for vehicles, these are all evidence of the most common physical complaints from drivers. Back Pain.

What is your posture like when you drive?

Take a look at the posture of other drivers. Most do not carry their head on top of their spines. You might be amazed to see what people do to themselves while driving a car! Forward posture, where your head is in front of your spine, is very common. And with the dangerous cocktail of multi-tasking while driving (texting, using a cel phone, grooming etc.) the combinations of misaligned body parts multiplies exponentially.

Thom Lemens is adept at teaching the Alexander Technique to drivers of all levels.

He will work with you to first identify your behaviors (many of which you will not be aware of), help you recognize them as they arise and then encourage the musculature to release and expand while still keeping your mind alert. At first this will be challenging, but as your continue to practice, it will become second nature just as your poorly formed habits feel like second nature to your now.

Find the relief you’re looking for.

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