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Too Much Standing and Walking? Ouch.

Occupations that require a LOT

of standing and walking include:

Actors and other performers • Teachers and Professors

• Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Hygienists • Hairdressers

• Food Services and Restaurant Workers • Mail carriers • Retail • Models

Photographers and other artists

As we all know, standing can be stressful on the body. Even with the most comfortable pair of shoes, many people are forced to quit their jobs due to pain and discomfort from standing.

Do you work in a field where you are required to stand for long periods of time? If you are experiencing pains and strains, it is very likely the Alexander Technique would work for you.

Back Pain When Standing and Walking

Back Pain is the most common complaint from those who have to stand for long periods of time. One of Thom's clients, a news anchor for Bloomberg TV, was one of those people — until she started working with Thom. She has slight scoliosis which greatly improved as did her back spasms by learning The Technique. As well, she writes that her balance improved as did her posture and breath control.

Many people think that standing desks are the answer to lower back pain, but unless you have created proper habits and alignment in the body, standing desks will not remedy lower back pain.

If you are working in a field that requires standing or walking for long periods and you have pain as a consequence, the Alexander Technique could be the answer for you.

Find the relief you’re looking for.

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