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The Alexander Technique in Action

The Alexander technique is a proven favorite among performers and public speakers. In fact, F.M. Alexander himself was a performer.

Sting, James Galway and, and Paul McCartney are just a few of the famous names who are proponents of The Technique.​

Among Thom’s list of performer students is Zak Berkman who works for the Epic Theatre Ensemble. In 2001 his special...

Tight? Tense? Unbalanced? The Alexander Technique can help.

With the amount of physical impact and goal reaching an athlete attempts, it’s no surprise that most athletes exert more effort than they need to. And this over exertion often manifests itself through tightness and tension. This sort of pain is avoidable as athletes learn to improve the connection betwe...

If you drive a lot,

you know the soreness, cramps, and stiffness that most drivers complain about.

Drivers spend hours at a time behind the wheel of a car or truck. And even if you don’t spend that much time behind the wheel, driving can be a real pain. Literally.

Driving is fraught with various types of probable stresses. In addition to sitting in one spot for...

Occupations that require a LOT

of standing and walking include:

Actors and other performers • Teachers and Professors

• Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Hygienists • Hairdressers

• Food Services and Restaurant Workers • Mail carriers • Retail • Models • 

Photographers and other artists

As we all know, standing can be stressful on the body. Even with the...

Computer users are highly prone to creating poor alignment habits.

The amount of time the average human spends in front of a screen is growing exponentially. Time spent at the computer is, for the most part, not time spent creating healthy alignment habits.

Repetitive motion syndrome, carpal tunnel as well as aching backs, heads and wrists can all be allievated...

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