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Thomas G. Lemens
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Since 1976, Thomas G Lemens has maintained a thriving private practice as a teacher of The Alexander Technique in Westchester County, NY.

Mr. Lemens has helped his many clients alleviate back pain and improve their overall sense of well-being and ease of motion, achieving optimal health for both body and mind. Mr. Lemens’ diverse clientele includes equestrians, musicians, frequent computer users, and those recovering from repetitive stress and other types of injuries.

Background and Professional Training

Mr. Lemens was the founder and Director of The Institute for The Alexander Technique, an Alexander teacher training school located in New York City. From 1983 to 2002 the Institute provided a four–year training course leading to certification of its graduates as teachers of The Alexander Technique.

Mr. Lemens trained as a teacher of The Alexander Technique under Patrick MacDonald in London from 1973 to 1976. Mr. MacDonald was one of a select group of teachers trained by the founder of the Technique, F.M. Alexander.

Mr. Lemens is Board Certified as a private teacher and a training teacher by the Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique in London (STAT) and by the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT, formerly known as NASTAT). He was a founding board member of NASTAT and served as the first chairman of its Research and Education Committee and subsequently as director of its Training Course Coordination Committee.


He is also a Registered Movement Therapist with the International Movement Association.

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