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Imagine this:

  • Full Freedom of Movement

  • Less Stress and More Energy

  • Better Balance

  • Improved Posture

  • Relief from Back Pain

Sound good?

Meet Thom Lemens

With over 30 years of experience as a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Thom Lemens is dedicated to providing relief from:

  • Chronic pain

  • Lower back syndrome

  • Traumatic and repetitive stress injuries

  • Neck, shoulder and hip disorders

  • Breathing and coordination disorders

  • Stress, migraines and anxiety

Thom works with a varied clientele in locations in New Haven, CT and North Salem in Westchester County, NY...

The Alexander Technique — a highly effective form of re-training and strengthening the musculature — was developed by Fredrick Matthias Alexander in the early 1890s. Since then it has helped thousands of people find relief from chronic pain, tension and misuse of their body.

Besides the numerous proponents of the Alexander Technique, including many famous celebrities, several studies have backed up the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique including the British Medical Journal...

Spine Health Blog

Students from a wide variety of backgrounds have experienced relief studying with Thom, including:

  • Equestrians and other athletes

  • Performers and public speakers

  • Computer users

  • Post-operatives

  • Those in professions requiring physical labor, driving and standing...

In a series of sessions, muscles that have been substantially misused or underutilized are gradually re-trained and strengthened. A typical Alexander Technique lesson has several components, including:

Chair Work. The student is gently guided by the teacher while sitting and standing. 

Table Work. The student’s neck, spine and limbs are gently guided by the teacher while laying on a raised flat surface.

Walking and other habitual movement. The teacher gives real-time feedback regarding the student’s “use” of their body during everyday activities...

"As a veterinarian who has practiced equine musculoskeletal adjustments and acupuncture for over twenty years, I am well aware of the impact of proper posture and biomechanics. Thom has been able to assist me in re-establishing my proper balance and posture in the midst of the challenges I put my own body through in my work."
     - Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM

"I literally limped into Thom's office, and was able to walk out. Now I experience much less pain, and have learned to use my body differently at work. When my back does begin to bother me occasionally, a lesson with Thom fixes the problem."
     - Dr. James DiGiacinto, DDS

“My work with Thom Lemens resolved my pain issues from two serious injuries. It has also resulted in a deeper and quieter seat on my dressage horses, and helped me make dramatic improvements with my riding students.”
     - Catherine McWilliams

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